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School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement Plan -Literacy

Summary of main strengths as identified in last SSE on:

  • Children results in standardised tests show an improvement year on year over the last 3 years.
  • Result of Questionnaire/class discussion show that there is a very positive attitude towards reading and writing within our school.
  • Children questionnaire also indicates that the vast majority of children enjoy reading and writing and that a large percentage report reading for pleasure at home.
  • Discussions with parents (P/T Meeting) indicate that the majority of children enjoy reading.
  • Staff discussion and Parent/teacher Meetings reveal a high level of parental support with majority of parents displaying positive disposition and attitude toward learning.
  • Teachers in all class groupings report the use of Curriculum appropriate teaching and learning methodologies including teacher and pupil questioning, co-operative/collaborative learning, talk and discussion.
  • Use of supplementary reading materials has greatly enhanced pupil reading experience and has also helped to improve reading level within school.
  • Introduction of Team Teaching with focus on active learning including; higher order thinking, problem solving, guided activity and discovery, talk and discussion has aimed to cater for varying needs and abilities of pupils and has helped to enhance the holistic developments of all students.

Summary of main areas requiring improvement as identified in last SSE:

  • Focus on the teaching of comprehension strategies to pupils.
  • To give pupils access to more challenging core texts as appropriate

Improvement Targets (related to pupils' achievement)

  • To build and implement as effectively as possible the school base Literacy programme.
  • To sustain and further develop the whole school approach to comprehension strategies i.e.:

- Use comprehension strategies to deal with narrative, expository and representational material
- Use comprehension strategies such as analyzing, confirming, evaluating, synthesizing and correlating
- To aid deduction problem solving and prediction

Required actions (related to teaching and learning that will help to achieve the targets)

  • Purchase new resource books for Bridges of Understanding and implement the Building Bridges of Understanding comprehension programme.
  • Focus on teaching of comprehension strategies explicitly
  • Purchase additional reading material and P.M readers
  • C.P.D-staff attend course on Bridges of Understanding
  • Literacy Links Teacher attends PDST seminars on a regular basis

Persons Responsible

All Teachers/staff

Timeframe for action

September 2012-2014

Success Criteria/measurable outcomes

  • Standardised test scores (Micra T) will be analysed
  • Drumcondra Primary Reading Test Revised will be administered to class groups 1st-6th. Scores will be analysed and documented
  • Teacher observation will be noted and collated
  • Pupils work and sample of work will be monitored to evaluate success
  • Pupil/Parental feedback will be sought through class discussions, questionnaires, Parent/Teacher Meeting
  • Class Tests and teacher designed tests will be used to evaluate progress of plan.

Review dates

June 2014 (Plan will be reviewed regularly at staff meeting (Croke Park Hours))

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